What we believe

Our basis for this study

We believe in God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the triune Maker of the universe. We want to respond to God’s amazing grace towards us humans – throughout history and ultimately in Jesus – with worship, love and obedience. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative word that needs to be studied and obeyed to the best of our ability, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in cooperation with fellow believers. We believe that God wants for all humans to receive salvation, to become his children and – as children – to live willing, obedient and fruitful lives by his principles. We believe that God’s counsel is life, health and development for all humans and all nations.

Who we are

Our heart behind this study

We are a group of Christians whose desire is to see more Bible study and more Bible understanding. The material presented on this website reflects “our Bible study so far”. It doesn’t claim to be “all there is” nor “all God has to say”. It presents some of the many topics that God speaks about in the Bible that sadly haven’t been taught or preached much, but that we believe are important, practical and relevant to today’s world. We want to start up discussion of these topics and encourage further Bible study. We are presenting here “what we have found so far”. You may (or may not) agree with any given point, but let’s think about these things. We would love to hear any feedback or insight you have and what you have learned from your own Bible study.

What we are - and are not - saying

Our disclaimer

We are basing this study mostly on the Torah, the five books of Moses, which are held sacred by three great religions in this world. The Torah contains history and law as it was given to the ancient nation of Israel about 1400 BC. God meant the ancient nation of Israel to be a model, an exemplary nation, that shows what God is willing to do, not only for one nation but for every nation (see for example Isaiah 19:19-25, Deuteronomy 4:5-8). The ancient nation of Israel did not fulfill the role of being a model very well.

When we talk about ancient Israel we are in no way making statements about the modern day nation of Israel, whether positive or negative. But we are saying that God’s word is unchanging and that it is health, life and wisdom to any nation in any century.


Our gratitude

First and foremost we want to thank God for his committed love for us humans – and for his Word, which is life indeed. We also want to thank the many persons who have invested in us, by living an exemplary life, by studying and teaching the Bible and by sharing their life. We want to especially acknowledge Landa Leah Cope, whose teaching has been the starting point and main incentive for this study. Not least we want to thank all believers who love the Word of God and are doing their best to live by it, thus laying Biblical foundations and bringing transformation.

The English Bible Study Team